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    Apr 22, 2011
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    Like All SEOers I get frustrated by google daily... sometimes I love that they try to preserve content, other times they do such annoying things.

    Blogspot has possibly the most annoying registration of any web 2.0 (I think it does win the prize)
    Things you need to bypass when programming a bot:
    1) must use proxies all the time otherwise the phone verification thing will pop up when creating accts
    2) Blogspot will 99% of the time fail to sign up on the first captcha attempt (even if perfectly entered) making you create feedback loops
    3) I've gotten it to where it will sign up, but the email verification will sometimes (randomly it seems) give you the phone/text verification BS

    Frustrating... so far it's required 4 diff long ass steps to get it to work
    Maybe I should stop caring, but it's personal :eek:
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