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Getting thousands of pages indexed?

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by azxten, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. azxten

    azxten Junior Member

    Mar 6, 2009
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    So I've been at this whole online money making thing for about 8 months now and things are going well for me overall. However, there is one site that has been bothering me this whole time.

    It's about 100,00 pages each with a unique article. These articles are broken up across about 20 main topics, each with 5-20 subtopics. So, the site structure is the main page links to the main topics, that page displays 10 articles at a time with the option to go to "next page", and these topic pages link to the subtopics which again have a link to all the articles 10 per page. Each article has 12 links to other articles, 6 that are surrounding articles according to database ID within the same topic, and 6 that are random from the same topic.

    I've built at least one link to every topic and subtopic page. Then another 20 or so (more like 100 total but I'm only counting decent quality/not duplicate domains) to the main site. After a couple months when I do site:mysite.com Google says they have 4,000 results for the search. However, clicking through to the end shows that after 350 or so the index ends.

    The only way I can think to get this site indexed is by building links to every 3rd article directly or something like that. However, I'm not sure how I could build 30,000 links that Google would even credit as being legitimate or worthy of indexing the page linked to.

    Can anyone recommend some methods or at least outline what I need to accomplish in order for this whole site to being indexed or nearly indexed? I've heard of social bookmarking, etc but again I don't see how I could submit 30,000 of my articles without weeks of labor or hiring someone else.