Getting Started in Offline Marketing - Advice Needed!

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by AZJR87, Jan 22, 2014.

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    I started making websites as a hobby and quickly got addicted, and I am looking to turn it into a career. My overall goal is to be able to work from home and manage/design/market websites for local clients. I plan on going after new/small businesses in my area as well as existing businesses who need a revamped web presence. I used to do some work a few years back when I first got into design and I was mostly flipping websites and reselling services, but that was more of a grind and not something I want to do again.

    My problem is I don't really know where to start. I have been researching for days and I have found a lot of methods that work for others but I don't want to just copy someone elses ideas and risk presenting an idea to a client that they have heard from 100+ other guys like me trying to get their business.

    My biggest issue is a lack of a portfolio, some of the websites I have made are more for personal use or not something I necessarily feel comfortable presenting to a client. I have offered services to friends and family for free just to get some stuff to put into a porfolio but no luck yet.

    I am currently working on a site that will feature my work and info about me, I am just using my name as the domain name but not sure if I should try to go into a branded design company like "AZ Web Design" "Phoenix Design Firm" etc.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated, I hope to one day be able to work from home and see my 9-month old more!

    - Work From Home (30-40 Hours Per Week)
    - $2,000+ Per Month in 3-6 Months
    - $4,000+ Per Month in 12 Months

    If I don't pursue offline marketing I think my only other option is to just build niche sites or authority sites, try to rank and sell. I am not a huge fan of the SEO game anymore however.
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    This forum is great for online/offline marketing. I make it my preferred forum to read in, although it is getting over saturated. If you have the chance to check out warrior forum, I only recommend the offline section. There are a-lot of resources in that sub forum. Other than that BHW for life!
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    Those 100 other guys don't exist. 99% of doods that read those methods do nothing with it. Regardless, try one out. I've personally had success with 7878's mailer method (with the dice) just tailored for web design.

    As for a portfolio, either list screenshots of things you've created in Photoshop or use your lack of portfolio to your advantage: "I'm trying to build my portfolio so I'm offering 50% off if you'll give me an honest testimonial".

    Promote yourself any way you can think of. You might not land corporate gigs but you will get clients if you work at it.