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Getting Started for Newbies

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by saxgod, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. saxgod

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    Sep 19, 2010
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    I get PM's from time to time from newbies asking me, as a jr.vip, to set them on the right path, or straight out to share my methods so they can also start making money from them. While I won't do that last one, sharing my current methods, I will try to explain to a newbie where to start.

    When I came to this forum, I knew you could make money with adsense, and my first endavours onto the world of IM was just that. Setting up a website with some content, putting a lot of adsense ads on them, and hoping people would come to my site and click the ads. Well.. It didn't work out that great. The site has been running for 2 years and I still have to get my first payment from google.

    I knew I could boost traffic with SEO, but I am not very good at SEO. So my methods lie in other departments.
    I will try to give an overview here, of the different ways a person can take to making money online.

    DISCLAIMER: There might be things I understood wrongly while being here at BHW, since I did not try every path I will describe below, and there might be more paths then I describe here. I am not all knowing and I don't guarantee that everything I write here is correct.

    Please keep in mind that everything I mention below is just to give you a bit of basic info and to get you started.
    You can use the search function on this forum to research more of the things I will tell you here.
    And also: Don't forget to take action! Learn from mistakes and if a method works for you, don't be afraid to try another one to diversify your income.

    How I see it, there are a few basic ways of making money "on the net".

    - Money from traffic
    - Money from services
    - Probably many others

    ** Money from traffic **

    The formula to make money here is: traffic x monitization = cash

    1) Traffic:

    The more traffic, the better. Its all a numbers game, and how higher the numbers, how more fun you'll have from the game.
    There are several sources you can use for traffic:

    - SEO: You try to rank a webpage in the searchengines using white- or blackhat SEO methods. SEO can cost a lot of time (and money if you outsource) and even if you get to #1 in the SERPS (rankings) you might be out of the SERPS alltogether the next day with flip of a switch at big G or another.

    - Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Digg, Pintrest, Instagram ... all of these have millions and millions of pagehits everyday. If you can just siphon a very tiny part of that traffic to your moneymaking site, you might actually make some money.
    Each site is different and there are different techniques to drive traffic from a social media site to your site.

    - Youtube: I haven't done much with this, but in essence it boils down to: you create a video, with the url watermarked or in the description, and you make it go viral on youtube, driving a lot of traffic to your site. You can buy views & likes on BHW to get it more noticed. Another way to drive traffic from youtube is comment spamming on viral video's (related to your niche) with your url in them, and buy commentlikes so you comment becomes one of the most popular and stays on top. Since I arent busy with this kind of traffic, there might be other and better current ways to drive traffic from youtube. Also don't be afraid to try other services that offer services like youtube (eg vimeo)

    - PPC, PPV Traffic: Essentially this is traffic you buy and pay for per click or per view. You might have seen the 'sponsored ads' when you google something ? This is an example of PPC traffic. Each time somebody clicks on a link in the sponsored ads, the advertiser pays a fee and the visitor gets sent to the site. There are many other ways of buying this kind of traffic, like banners, media buyins, popunders, popups, etc. Most of the time you use keywords and a relevent ad to your niche, so you get targeted traffic.

    - Traffic Buying: Not to be confused with PPC and PPV traffic. There are sites and sellers on BHW where you can buy a lot of traffic, and even choose from which countries these are. Most of the time this is untargetted traffic as you cannot filter on keywords. Some sellers do allow you to choose from which site the traffic will be coming, making it a bit narrower. Beware of bot traffic, as this is automated traffic through proxies or compromised systems on the net, and well, bots don't buy anything, so there wont be any conversions if you are depending on conversions for monetization.

    - Classifieds: This involves posting classifieds to sites where you can, trying to convince the reader to come to your site, in that way getting traffic. Many people also use an autoreply on an email address so they don't have to post the URL in the classifieds themselves.

    - Email traffic: A very thin line to SPAM, but another way to get traffic is massmailing, trying to convince the reader to visit your site, and hopefully make you some money. The blackhat way here is to scrape emailaddresses from the web and spam the hell out of them. Be advised that many countries have laws against just this, and you don't want to get into court because you tried to make a few bucks. However, a lot of people seem to get away with it. The whitehat way is to get people to signup to your mailing list at a squeeze page, doing a double-opt-in and keeping your mails compliant with the ICAN spam rules. You can use the traffic methods mentioned above to send traffic to your landingpage.

    - Torrents/Usenet: Putting up downloadable files that people are looking for on torrentsites or usenet, with your URL packaged inside, or a link to your site with a password needed to unlock the files. Best monitized with CPA/Contentlocker or PPD (see below)

    You can also mix traffic sources, make combinations, and don't forget: the more traffic, the more money.

    Problems: The most problems with the methods mentioned above are the fact that the owners of the sites and systems you use to drive traffic, fight back against these kind of traffic driving. Social media, Youtube and classifieds will ban your accounts, and search engines will derank you if they see your site is actually build to make money instead of providing good content.
    Safer methods are ofcourse PPC, PPV and whitehat Email.

    Always use proxies if you are working with stuff like Social Media, Youtube, classifieds. Also try to hide your IP address when you are doing blackhat mailing. In short, if you are breaking a site's TOS, rules or a law, make sure it can't be traced back to you easily.

    First try to do all of this manually, if you see that it works, you can buy all kind of bots here to automate the creation and management of accounts, posting, etc. But don't spend money on these if you don't even know how the method works. Don't expect magic!

    2) Monetization

    Just as there a several methods to drive traffic, there are several methods to monitize the traffic you have driven.
    Finding the right combination is when you hit the jackpot; You can ofcourse always mix sources of traffic and ways of monitization.
    The bigger hotshots here at BHW are building big automated intelligent systems to take in every kind of traffic and automaticly matching this to the best way of monitizing, spending years and years into developing these systems.

    You can also distinct the origin of the money into a company or advertiser paying you or getting a commision (or direct payment) on a sale made to the visitor itself.

    - CPC (Cost Per Click): The most famous being adsense, but there are many others, you put ads on your site, textual, banners, etc, and everytime somebody clicks on the ad, you get a bit of money. So it is still: The more traffic, the more clicks, the more money. Most of them have detection systems for fraud clicking, so don't click your own ads, don't sent bots to click, don't try to click using proxies, it just doesn't look natural, algoritms will spot this and will flag your account. Try to sent real live living people traffic. This is a the other side of PPC
    Estimate: a few cents to a few bucks per click.
    Source: Advertiser

    - CPM or CPV (Cost per Mille or Cost per View): This can be banners, or popups, or something else, and in essence you get a little bit of money each time somebody sees the banner or popup. The money you get will most of the time be expressed in 1000 views (1000 -> Mille -> CPM). If you have a lot of traffic that doesn't convert on CPC, you might still try to monitize it on CPM. Bottraffic is swiftly detected because of the low PPV (pages per visit) and wierd bounce rates on the backend of the target. This is the other side of PPV
    Estimate: a few cents to a few bucks per 1000 views.
    Source: Advertiser

    - CPA (Cost per Action): There are several companies on the web who will pay you everytime you get a visitor to complete an action. This can be from filling in an email submit, to completing a survey, or buying a product. Most of the time you will want to put up a landing page yourselve so you can warm up the prospect before sending them to the CPA offer. Sending a lot of traffic that doesn't convert well, or a lot of traffic that converts to well, may set of some flags. (The first one means you have crap traffic, and the last one might mean you are giving incentive's where you arent allowed to). You can also use contentlockers to force a visitor to complete the CPA before getting to your content. This might be against the CPA's TOS though.
    Estimate: a few cents to 100$ per action
    Source: Company/advertiser

    - CB (Clickbank): Clickbank is a website were people can sell a digital product and share a big part of their profits with you. You might get up to 60% of the cash a buyer pays for the product. A landing page to presell is also a must here.
    Source: visitor
    Estimate: a few dollars to multiple 100$'s, depending on the product you are selling.

    - PPD (Pay Per Download): Several sites will let you upload files, and when somebody wants to download the file, they have to complete a survey or something (CPA). You get a part of the earnings the download site makes from the CPA offer.
    Source: company/advertiser
    Estimate: a few cents to a few dollars per download.

    - PPI (Pay per Install): Everytime somebody installs a program on their computer, you get a little bit of money. These are most of the time toolbars and such. Now you know why all those programs you install on your computer ask you to install google toolbar, msn toolbar, and other crappy toolbars that slow down your PC. So if you have a good software product, that people download and use, you might want to add a PPI to the setup. I'll leave the more blackhat and most of the time illigal ways of installing software on other peoples computers to your imagination since I don't endorse these methods.
    Source: company/advertiser
    Estimate: a few cents to a few dollars per install.

    - Amazon: You can affiliate with amazon and sent your visitors there with your affiliate ID in the URL. This will set a cookie on the visitors computer that is valid for 24 hours. If the visitor buys something within this 24 hours you get a commision on whatever the visitor bought. It is a good idea to have a landing page or fake webshop to presell the visitor.
    Source: Visitor
    Estimate: a few cents to 1000's of dollars depending on what is bought. If somebody buys a lot of hi-end hitech gear from amazon with your cookie, you might be having a nice day :) However, the tech niche is probably very saturated. It is better to go for niches that you didn't even think about buying something from yourselve.

    - Dropshipping: You can also setup your own webshop. To keep costs low you can choose to dropship. This means that you try to sell something to your visitor, the visitor pays you, you notify your supplier, pay the supplier (or be billed afterwards, depending on the supplier) and they will sent the item directly to the buyer. This means you don't have to have a stock of products and can go crazy on all the different items you put up for sale. Your profit is the difference between what the buyer payed and what you payed to supplier.
    For me the most problematic here is that in my country I am obliged by law to give a 2 year long warranty. If the product dies, and this happend under warranty, the person has to sent me the broken product, and I have to RMA it to the supplier. Depending on profit margins, a broken product might blow your profit.
    Source: Visitor
    Estimate: hopefully you take a nice margin so you will get at least a few bucks out of a sale, but well, if you are selling $15k whirlpools, your margin might well be 1000's of $.

    - Site Flipping: Another way to make money or cut your losses is to build a site, drive traffic to it, maybe make a bit of money for it, and then selling the site all together for a nice payout. If you buff up or fake the earnings is up to you and your morals.
    Source: Buyer
    Estimate: Dunno, no experience here :) Prolly tens of bucks to 100's or maybe even 1000's.

    - Services: You can always sell your own services. Like I used to do with webhosting. See below.

    There are no doubt more methods, but I will leave it at this.
    You can always mix up multiple methods and try to monitize every visitor to the max.

    Beware that blackhat traffic sources might be against the TOS of several companies enabling you to monitize that traffic.
    You might need to hide the source. This can be done with referrer hiding scripts and such.

    ** Money from services **

    Say you are very good at SEO. Or maybe you will be an expert in getting people to opt-in to mailing lists. Or maybe you have a way of getting a lot of likes to a facebook page. Or maybe you have other talents like coding, designing, building websites, building bots...
    Maybe your monitization method is a service, and you drive traffic to it and sell your own service..
    We all need infrastructure. So maybe you are good in being a serveradmin and can sell webhosting, vpsses, vpns, adsl lines, ...
    Or you can build lists of proxies. Or lists of high PR sites easy to create backlinks on..

    In fact: Anything related to being needed to make money with the methods I told you about above, can be sold. Like me, I am bad at SEO. So if I want to have SEO done to a site, I will pay someone to do it. Same for design. I suck a graphics design and all my logo's are build by designers I pay.

    There are several places you can sell your services. From fiverr to the BST forums here to freelance websites.

    Thats it from me.
    Now go research more about all this on the forums, and don't forget: Take action! Make some money!
    The sky is the limit.
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    This is awesome, thanks!
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    Awesome post! :)
    Easiest money to make for newbies would be Fiverr or affiliate marketing in my opinion. I too tried the "Make a website, put adsense, get money" thing and it didn't work out. My content and writing was excellent, but I had nothing that people NEEDED to know. So I set up 3 websites set up to write "reviews" on services, which I always plugged in affiliate link, and money started to roll in.
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    lots of knowledge gained
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    Can't agree more :)

    Most of our resellers, are on 3 to 4 figures monthly from reselling which is great profit with minimal to zero risk for the reseller.
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    thanks a lot. pretty helpful for newbies.