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    Ok so some of you know me and others dont. Today im here to give back to the community, instead of asking more and more questions I have finally done what most have suggested and picked something and stuck to it. Im here to explain what most people wont explain to you.

    There are only a few things ppl choose here that actually makes you money quick. I know many threads that say auto blogs will gain you money but the truth is that it takes time, and if the ppl here who think they know it all would like to prove me wrong please do, otherwise sit back and let me explain.

    Adsense - Most of you think that you can just make a blog and add adsense and you will be on your way to riches, well stop now cuz its not the case. You could have the best website or blog in the world and its still going to take you some time to actually make decent money from this program. When you first start this program you must first get your blog or website thats using adsense indexed, then you must drive traffic to that website. Not only must you drive traffic but you must make sure your traffic is targeted. Without this you will go nowhere and everyday you check your earnings they will be the same old $0.00 you see everyday. After a week it starts to get boring never seeing anything getting better, and the motivation you never had to begin with starts to get even worse.

    If you wish to make a online business, you must research every program you wish to be a part of whether it be affiliate marketing or cpa, or adsense, ect. Quite asking questions such as how do I make money cuz truth is there is not one thread here that actually walks you through step by step to make you your riches, and even the ones that claim they tell you everything are crap or are blackhat techniques and dont tell you the full truth step by step because who would? If you came up with a way to make riches quick then your considered a genius cuz you could walk up to any computer with internet and start making lots of cash that the offline world wouldnt dream of. No im not saying that there is a catch to making money online but ppl are not honest, and will actually make it look like they are sharing good info but look around most VIP members of this site will say the threads lately for methods to make money are crap, and even the good ones that are honest can only be understood by ppl who already use blackhat methods similar, this is why ppl tell you to stop reading these threads as only a few are good and the rest will just make your life harder.

    So whats real and whats not you ask? Well your mind is the key here. Yes some keyword programs will help you get started with the right words to target but you must still have a plan to carry out those methods and not rely on what other ppl are doing in that area of success because chances are like i said before, they are just misleading you, cuz lets face it no one wants their methods saturated to the point where they wasted their precious time making a method and have it ruined because everyone starts using the same thing and saturate the crap out of it.

    Free web hosting is crap. Never use this stuff because yes its free, but no it will not get you where you wanna be. Its not very promising for a new comer to take a site and bring it to the top of google search because you must know how to do more than just build a website.

    Lots of people say blogger is awsome and works, great! But what they dont tell you is that it took them 3 months to make just $40 a day on one blog, and thats for the geniuses. This means to all new comers this is not for us. As much as we want the $40 a day from one blog its not gonna happen. Why? Simple, because a new person that comes here sees all these misleading threads saying how they make $160 a day on adsense or $15k a month on adsense isnt going to do squat for a new member to this site and makes them think they can because other ppl are doing it. Stop the misleading crap ppl!

    Most newcomers here think blackhat is a shopping item, or a sophisticated hacker because most ppl think they are the bomb, but truth is you arnt the bomb unless you can walk up to a computer, hide your ip, hack a computer from a different country through a chain of proxies and cover your tracks and continue jumping across countries from computer to computer then back to the main computer you were targeting in the first place.

    Well for most of you and I mean many of you this is not even close to what is in your capability list. This is why first you need to stop flaming everyone here who asks questions because what good are you doing anyone? Misleading might keep your secret method safe, but dont mislead ppl asking for help when they dont care about your method to begin with.

    They say 50% of population uses the internet and 5% of those ppl are successful with a online business. Well you do the math but that alone is showing you that making riches from the net is not easy. I see a kid on tv the other morning, his name was I believe morrison and was selling profits from home e-book online, I got on that instant thinking, Well this kid sounds very smart and is very comfortable with his method, so comfortable that hes on tv, so i thought it must work. NO! Just as I looked for reviews a second later, a bunch of posts sayin the book is really more money than what they say and the website he gives is a monthly bill. This is another example of misleading content. Dont always believe what you see.

    So do CPA, Adsense, Adwords, Affiliate programs all work? Yes they do work, if they were scams they wouldnt be used, but knowing a working method for getting your word out and making quick cash, you must first know which ones your going to use, and like i said before dont listen to other ppl! Methods here work great but only for the ppl who have been doing this for quite some time, and even they have trouble implementing new strategies.

    Start using things you know will work in spreading your site and getting targeted traffic. Go to Yahoo Answers, Craigslist, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube which millions of ppl are on everyday. Just thinkif your method makes you a $1 per person then just one of these services could make you over a $1,000,000. Most of us who have computers play video games, well use your games online chat channels to find friends you play with, use your whole list of family relatives, anyone you know personally as they are going to be the first to listen to you. Only friends will work in video games so dont go to random ppl sayin hey click my crap cuz they think your tryin to hack their pc, and wont go for it. Use strategy, most of us know torrents, and know when new games come out so find ppl who cant get what you can, include virus total updates to files your sharing this makes ppl believe you more. This also works for movies and music and anything else your sellin. If you dont have any knowledge of what your selling move on cuz no one wants something that you youself have never used. Find forums not just anyforums, but forums where ppl want stuff you can get, maybe search google for strings such as, "Need online job" and then explain to them what jobs or programs have worked for you, this is the secret to getting targeted traffic.

    What ppl need to do is stop askin questions to ppl on here who only think they know it all. It makes me sick to see ppl getting thrilled over misleading ppl, or saying things like "HAHA your method will now be saturated, thank you for sharing!" cuz this is wrong and this forum is useless with ppl like that.

    We are not here to tell secrets, but even myself was in the lost position for a while and I finally instead of quittin said screw it, Ill go to someones house who knows what they are doing and find out from them where Im going wrong. Well I was told I was mislead by everyone. Yes everything works but no it doesnt work how many ppl here say it does. (unless they just little e-whores) which is not a home business anyway. Cuz who wants to say to their family they sell fake sex conversations, pretending to be a girl and not even gettin some in the process? not me Ill keep my pride thank you.

    Im not here to flame but ppl please think before you post because I do believe me getting $600 a day is more than others here are doing and I have never even set 1 backlink to any of my sites, I started fresh with 1 new site and whiped all my other money making accounts along with blogger accounts and everything out and started new. My one site makes me over $600 a day, thats $18k a month. You ask how well, im gonna be truthful Im not gonna tell you cuz I feel many here have mislead me, and I also believe now more than ever that everyone needs to find their own strategy.

    I made this thread to stop new ppl from believing all that they see cuz 99% of these threads are crap to new ppl and wont get them anywhere. For those of you who are like jesus money makers, well I have nothing more than mad respect and hope to hop aboard your boat sometime in soon in the future.