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Oct 18, 2014
Okay, so some wanker has started building exact match links to my website. This isn't you usual blast of several thousand porn links or anything like that, he is building exact match anchors on crappy forum profiles and and bunch of bizarre new domains (with extensions like .club or .xyz, as well as a few russian ones).

I've gotten about 60-70 links in total, but it is growing every day. It is irritating me because I've kept this site very clean with my link building and also have quite a few natural links.

It is however, still fairly new, so the anchor text ratio is way out of proportion now.

I do not want to disavow because I suspect that this also puts you into an untrusted category of websites and will make it harder to rank in the future.

Any advice on what to do?

P.S. Fuck you Google!
Well if you dot use disavow tool, the other option you have is to contact the webmasters to request to remove your links. It will be really painful even may not be practical for you to use that much time.
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Unfortunately many of them of them are in languages I don't understand. What is the threshold for setting Penguin off?
Just disavow the links, I know some big players in SEO and even they use disavow tool with success. Nothing bad will happen to your site once you use the disavow tool.

I've also used it to successfully recover my rankings after accidentally sending a bunch of spam links to my website last year.

Just make sure that you check both www and non-www version for spam links.
Disavow the links every other day if it gets really bad... Once a week should be fine... But do it by the domain and not per URL... make ur life easier.. Your site will be fine...
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