Getting Insane Traffic From Facebook - I Need Your Guys Help!!

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by hotandsexy, May 11, 2015.

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    Hey guys,

    I have the perfect strategy to get traffic from facebook to your website but I need your guys help.

    This is how it goes down

    Get a bunch of aged facebook profile accounts
    Join hundreds of facebook groups on each account
    Post from different accounts on different days
    Change Ips - I tried using HMA but it didn't work.. I was told private proxies are the way to go does anyone know how I can learn how to install them?

    Do you guys think that this will work? Do you guys have a way to not get facebook profiles banned and to be able to post on different profiles in many groups?

    Thanks so much
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    You should take a look at the program ocommunity suite.It can handle infinite profiles all assigned to it's own private IP.

    Your profiles should phone verified/all of them.Join a lot of groups,but slowly.Don't post more than two times per profile per day.
    If you are lucky they will stay alive for a longer period.

    Don't get too many friends.20-30 maximum.Or you will face the recognize your friends challenge.

    On the other hand last time i did this,there were close to 0 results.As FB changed all their algo,it is not so easy now to get traffic from groups.

    FB sometimes will ban your profile even like this for no reason.
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    Wow, congratz for discovering a strategy that everybody has been using for years now :)

    To answer your questions though, yes you do need private proxies, and there's nothing to install for that, you just need to buy them, check the BHW marketpalce for that. As for posting on facebook group, if you want to just spam them you're way too late to the party, all your accounts will get penalized really fast, you need to take it easy build them up and only post high quality stuff if you want to keep doing it for more than several days.

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