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    Hey guys hope everyone's well,

    I have been using this method to get the decision makers name of dentists, but can also work pretty easily for any business niche wherever you are. After you get the name you can either direct mail or call, up to you.

    Anyway here's the script.

    Hello my name is John,

    I am calling on behalf of (local business directory) how are you today?

    The reason I am calling is to confirm your current business information
    as we are updating our client database, do you have a moment?

    Great, Can you please confirm the following details for me:

    name of business:
    phone number:
    fax number:
    website URL:
    Business Owner:

    Excellent, thanks for your time have a great day.

    They really do just hand you the information on a silver platter if you ask the right questions lol.
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