Getting back to basics...

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    A few years back I was a simple IMer who made a decent living off of a number of sites that I made. My process was simple:

    1) Research and create a site
    2) Market it old school - Write articles, set press releases, knock on niche similar doors
    3) Rinse and repeat

    When I got bored I would sell a site or two during the holidays for extra income. This process proved tedious slow and at at times boring. It was like planting a seed and watching it grow, but in time the sites would get indexed, traffic would flow and income would increase too. What I did like though that I was in control of the situation at all times. Then I came to BHW.

    I never knew such a site existed. I learned so much here and I met a whole lot of nice people too. I tried many things, some succeeded, and many tanked. I tried automation which at the time seemed like a good thing but in the long term wasn't. Sites I had made by hand years ago and haven't updated in ages, are STILL ranking well, while my automation projects died. I'm not blaming any Google zoo animals or automation either. This was my own fault, plain and simple. Trying to grow too quickly and unbridled avarice can be a frightening thing...

    So for me it's pretty simple. I'm going back to my roots, where I started from. Sadly I will probably not visit BHW as often as I did because I'm weak, lazy and prone to short cuts. I may not make as much money as quickly either but slow and steady will win the race.

    BTW - I'm over 50 and a grandfather too, maybe that's why I like the slower pace...

    So long fellas, I've got miles to go before I sleep...
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    Slow pace is nice when we talking art, sex and beer.
    We will be waiting patiently for your return, mate. :)