Getting around facebook messaging limit?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by BobbyGeneric, Dec 29, 2012.

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    I know that if I send too many private messages facebook will
    tell me to slow down and then eventually block my ability to
    send PM's... but if I simply send it from multiple accounts (send
    from one, as soon as I hit the limit login to another) will that
    get around it? Or are they looking at my IP? If so, is there a way
    to hide this so that I can just keep switching from one account
    to the next with no limit to how many messages I can send
    from one computer?

    I'm trying to send messages to people on fan pages
    within my niche to offer a free giveaway that then promotes a paid
    product. I look for fan pages in my niche, then look at recent
    posts that have a lot of likes, then check the list of people who
    liked it and open their page and send a message.


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    What i do is well, automated but goes as follows.

    Load 200 accounts
    send 10 messages per account
    switch IP, Clear all me shit
    login to next account
    send 10 messages again
    and so on.

    Or you can just multi thread the whole thing and load up about 50 threads work be done in a few mins.

    Only problem i have though is when i try and login to me account for the 2nd time round i get slapped with a cannot work out your location bollocks and then locks me out

    so i just buy more accounts and start over.
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    I'm basically trying to do the same thing, I've got a local niche that I'm targeting with local users to that area. I don't want to blast everybody and anybody, just THESE people. Most recipients don't consider it a spam message since it relates to something just down their street. I've got a test bot running where I log in once an hour and post a message. Non phone verified accounts get blocked after 24 messages just after 24 hours. Phone verified accounts keep going. Not sure where the limit is with phone verified. I'm going to assign a proxy to each account so it doesn't look like I'm jumping all over the place.