getting approved for amazon and building a site

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    Sep 23, 2015
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    I've got a couple of questions about amazon affiliate programme
    First of, I have to create a site before actually being approved; as there's a need to have some sells within first two months I've been thinking that it would be wise to create a site and let it age first, about a month, then buy some backlinks and then try to apply. The question is how should I proceed with the content? I want to create a review site, so should I just create money articles like 'top 10' or reviews with standard amazon links to the producs and then after being approved replace them with my aff links? Or shall I just put some general articles first? I won't be targeting highly competetive niches but still I'm not sure I would have any sales with fresh site within those 2 months (or maybe I'm wrong?). I don't want to be in situation when I spend money on the site and then end up not being approved. I'd be really greateful for help, thanks.