Getting a website to trend on twitter

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    trying to get paid online, if anyone needs blogs/a
    I have a question about getting something to trend, I was thinking about using a few sites to boost my hashtag, The website i was looking at said they can get me several thousand custom tweets, with my hashtag, as well as retweets (in turn I'm hoping this makes my topic trend. I also have a pretty loyal fanbase, but it's not enough to make it trend. So, I'm going to purchase 10k custom tweets using the hash tag, as well as some retweet packages using the hashtag. I've seen other topics trend, by basically doing the same method, So, I'm going to try it out. I'm also going to launch it on a date, that will not compete with a bigger trending topic like NBA games, taco bell. things like that. If anyone has tried this please let me know.

    The goal is to draw traffic to my website.