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    Hi, sorry if this has been posted before (although I've had a good search for anything similar).

    I'm looking at a site here with a comments box (which uses TinyMCE Editor - I don't recognise the site platform as being one I am familiar with). Anyway, when I post a comment with a valid html link and I submit the comment the link gets rendered as text - i.e. the html gets escaped.

    However, there are numerous other comments where fellow spammers have been able to get their links to be posted as valid html.

    They seem to be wrapping them in tables, spans, and the like, however, I just can seem to reverse engineer this to get it to work.

    As the site requires registration I presume these links are being dropped manually.

    Anyway, I'd be really grateful if anyone cares to share the solution to this (assuming a generic solution exists), or point me in the general direction...
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