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    Hey Blackhatters,

    I would like to tell you about a strategy that has helped me a lot. It works very well for me, and it helped me expand in my offline marketing.
    This method won't make you rich financially by any means (my first month I made $750), but it will definitely help you with your networking and help you set yourself up as an expert in a given topic. It will also help you get used to the idea that you are an expert yourself. Surprisingly, it is hard to start believing that without getting out there and proving to yourself that you actually have something to offer!

    Here's how it works:
    We will set up a meetup group and help the people members set up a website and earn their first dollar online. They say the best way to learn is to teach!

    Here are the steps. First figure out what you want to show people! The very fact that you were here mean that you're ahead of the curve. You are the expert! Most people don't know about awesome resources like BHW, and many don't even know what affiliate marketing is. Almost none of them know what SEO is and I've never met anyone in my group ever know what CPC stands for. Your job is to show them.
    You need to get approved for several affiliate marketing programs like Namecheap, WooThemes, ElegantThemes, Host Gator, and any other products that you would like to use. Find products that you love, and only use those. Remember, it's not about the money-- it's about helping these people get value from this meeting.
    Print out some name tags for any of the people that join your meet up group, set a time, and show up 30 minutes before to get prepared. From my experience, most people show up early to these things so it's good to be there before them.

    Remember, you are the expert. When you start your class, just remember not to come in like some badass internet marketer. Be humble and honest and you will do well. People really appreciate that. I also like to let people know that if they purchase any of the tools that I am using, and they use my affiliate link, I will make a small commission on the sale which helps compensate me for my time. Surprisingly, I've had people ask me to sign up for affiliate programs just so they could use my link!

    Feel free to ask me any questions about this strategy and I will do what I can to help! It has worked wonders for me, and is really helped my confidence. I always knew that I knew more than the average person, but I never really didn't realize how MUCH MORE I knew until I did this. Try it, step out of your comfort zone, and go make some friends! :cool:

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