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    I had a simple tool made which extracts text from a list of URLs and saves into one .txt file. It's programmed in Java as I wanted to use it on my Mac, but not sure if it works on Windows.


    There are 3 files in the folder: HTMLParser.jar, urls.txt and output.txt

    1) Open urls.txt and paste in the urls you want to scrape.
    2) Click HTMLParser.jar and OSX should open it with Jar Launcher
    3) It will ask you to select what file to use for the input URLs (choose urls.txt) and also what file to save to (choose output.txt)
    3) Wait a few minutes depending on the number of urls you are scraping.
    4) View extracted text in output.txt (make sure this file is empty before running the application.)

    There is no GUI, so you cannot easily see when it has finished scraping, but if you keep an eye on the size of the output.txt file in Finder, you should be able to determine when it's finished.
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