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    Here is a method I have been doing for quite some time now. It works great on a large variety of offers. I generally just do typical CPA offer/email submit methods for monetization, however some creativity can help you generate some huge profits from this method.

    This method is mainly for people who live in large cities.

    I live in a large American city about 10 blocks away from a professional football stadium. While there may not be a football game everyday, chances are there is a big concert or something along those lines every couple days or atleast once a week. Thousands of people come to these events and park in the parking lots.

    1. Each Sunday go to the Stadium Box Office and ask for a schedule of events going on that week. I have checked online and some large stadiums have schedules available and some do not. The stadium in my city doesn?t have them available online however they are available for pick up in person.

    2. Research Research Research. This is very important. I have found that by preparing and trying to target my methods as much as possible to the people attending the event, I can get much better conversion rates. Figure out what type of event you are going to target. For Example Music Lovers attending a Concert.

    3. For this method you will be generating a HUGE ammount of leads, so don?t be afraid to spend *SOME* money. Buy a domain that somewhat caters to the people you are targeting. I have been doing this method for about 2 months now and in the course of my work I have bought 5 domains that seem to cover ever possible event that comes around. Total Investment: $40.

    4. Print flyers targeting the event. Create a simple flier in MS Word or another similar program. Put some attractive title on it like: ?For Our Fans!? and include information about how as a thank to all the fans who attended the concert, there is a give away to win the instruments used in that nights concert. All they have to do is go to the website, submit their email and fill in some additional information on the next page.

    5. Create a simple landing page that can be used over and over but directs the visitors to a CPA offer or some other means of monetizing the traffic.

    6. About 30-45 minutes after the event BEGINS walk up to the stadium, enter the parking lot and start placing fliers on cars. I generally print about 10 fliers/ page and print about 10,000 pages. Printing this large volume of pages can be very difficult, but if you are creative you can do it for a very low cost. I have a friend who works in an office and he prints them off for me at nights. Only charges me $20 for the whole batch.

    7. When you are distributing the fliers, there may be security guards and such in the parking lot walking around. I have only been ?caught? once. When I got ?caught? I simply told the security guard I worked for the band and was distributing a simple thank you note written from the band to all their adoring fans.

    8. It helps to also have some people help you out with flier distribution. I pay 3 local kids $20 a night to help me distribute the fliers. With 4 people distributing it goes pretty quick (< 1 hour).

    This method generally earns me in the neighbor hood of 8,000 to 25,000 web views a night and about 40% convert so if you monetize it correctly you can generate huge income with this method.

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    Sounds good Trinks, but does your CPA get complaints whenthe sign-ups dont convert to "their" offer?
    I guess with so many submits a few offers will cnvert regardless of the initiall incentive.
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    Welcome to Black Hat World........................
    you print 4 fliers per page...10,000 40,000 fliers
    and distribute them all in one night????

    then you get 50% of those people hit your site...
    and you get 40% conversions from 4000 to 25000 views???

    I am a club promoter... i use on car flyers all the time...
    I have never seen that type of conversion using flyers...
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    I dont want to sound ungrateful, but i know i have read this word for word before..
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    Well, yeah. The guy says that it's published by Adsense Tricks.
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    Are you the virus on cpvden?
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    This is a beautiful and ballsy method! I would bet that you do get crazy conversion rates on it!...because the CPA method is HIGHLY targeted to the people who are there. I would be worried though that the network you are working with might have a problem with the low conversions.

    What you could do is partner with a local business, and work out some kind of deal where you make x amount of dollars per person that redeems a coupon. Then have the website be a squeeze page where you get a bunch of people interested in that same niche (say like...awesome Chinese food)...then market that list to everyone ELSE in that niche in your area!

    Kinda like Groupon, except you're targeting their people better and letting them have your list for a NOT crazy coupon price!

    ... If you want to partner with me, I could cold call and contact a few businesses in the area and see if there is anything we can do for them. PM me if you're interested.
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    No way 1 person is distributing 40,000 flyers in the time span of a concert/game. It takes 1 person about 1 hour to put 1,000 flyers on car windshields. For a 3 hour concert you maybe, maybe could get 3,000 on cars by yourself. If you got 300 (10%) of those people to visit your website that would be extremely fortunate.

    So realistically you had to print up 3,000 fliers, spend 3 hours of your time and risk getting ticketed/fined/arrested for 300 visits to your website. Yeah, not worth it.