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    To all webmasters and publishers looking for alternate sources of revenue.As a publisher or a blogger you have to look for alternate revnue sources, even if you are holding an Adsense account.

    Publisher Features

    Easy Account Registration.
    Use single-sign-on to access publisher and advertiser accounts with same username
    Generate ad display HTML code using adblock.
    Language preference for adunits.
    Ad display preview
    Inline adunits
    Edit ad units anytime after pasting the code.
    WAP ad code for WAP pages.
    Ad code for search engines.
    Ad code for content pages.
    Ad display using XML API.
    Restrict ads from any site.
    Sticky ad units.
    Scrollable text ads.
    Graphical statistics.
    Detailed profit statistics.
    View ad unit based statistics.
    Configure check/bank/paypal cash withdrawal options.
    Transfer funds to advertiser account
    Priority email support desk for support and assistance
    Affiliate system for better chance of monetizing.

    Advertiser Features

    Easy Account Registration
    Account registration bonus.
    Use single-sign-on to access advertiser and publisher account with same username
    View bonus balance/account balance separately.
    Redeem coupons to receive bonus.
    Create Text/Banner/Catalog Ads/Inline ads
    Create WAP targeted ads.
    Language targetting for ads.
    Quick ad search using ID
    Unlimited keywords for each ad.
    Separate click bid values for each keyword.
    Keyword sugegstions.
    Adserver suggested optimal click values for keywords.
    Monthly/daily budget limit for ads.
    Target ads to geographical locations.
    Advanced statistics including CTR.
    Detailed click analysis.
    Advertiser can view geographical click statistics.
    Graphical overall statistics.
    Check/bank payment option for advertisers.
    Easy and secure automated paypal and cc payment to add funds.
    View fund history.
    Priority email support desk for support and assistance.

    Signup : http://toopika.com/ads

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    Looks like a clickbux script or something, sure its legit?
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    the site only pays out via paypal, what about publishers who don't use paypal?
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    Any reviews or comment for this site?