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    I haven't used this method personally, but I've seen it in use and it appears to work quite well for building PR and improving SERPs.

    Develop a Wordpress theme relevant to your niche, and add in the footer of the theme "Theme by your keyword", with your keyword hyperlinked to your website. Offer the theme for free everywhere you can, advertising it as a theme specifically for that niche - eg if your niche is weight lifting, create the theme with weight lifting images, banner image of weight lifters etc, and advertise it as a high quality weight lifting theme.

    People creating weight lifting sites will find the theme when searching (add it on DP, free theme sites, torrent sites etc), and each site which uses it will end up giving you a free, sitewide backlink on pages relevant to your niche, with your choice of anchor text. Some people may remove your link, but most will leave it there.

    Note: if too many junk sites end up using it then you be hit with an over-optimisation penalty, so I wouldn't try this if you plan linking to a fairly new domain - older domains with authority only. If you just want to build PR though, this method is ideal.

    You could also try adding sidebar links, but these are more likely to be removed by the user.

    I don't want people sending me PMs asking how to create themes - it's really not that difficult to create a simple theme (just use an existing theme and amend it for your purposes, or use Artisteer). If you still can't figure it out, Google is your friend.
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    This is a great idea. Way to think out of the box man!