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    Hi, I haven't been in the business quite a while, therefore I'm not up to date considering facebook marketing. However, I still got some older (still working) methods which I might share. The methods are rather unique, at least I haven't seen them anywhere in a public forum.

    So, I'll trade my methods for yours.

    What I'm offering:

    - get instant captcha-free accounts (2 methods, one is somewhat familiar, the other unique).
    - automated quality content for any page.
    - automated updates to all members.
    - building a list with facebook, without the need of any squeeze page or paying autoresponders services, and little to no risk of getting banned or deleted.
    + getting highly targeted leads fast.

    That's it.

    Now, what I'm looking for:

    - Any new, advanced designs or templates (FMBL - not necessarily anything with forced invites, I'm primarily looking for designs)
    - Viral methods
    - other valuable info, make your offer!

    Thread rules:

    - Don't publish methods without permission
    - No selling in this section
    - please reply instead of PM's, I'll contact you

    See you.
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