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    Oct 21, 2013
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    I have recently landed a job with a defense contract company that is looking to amp up their social media coverage of their events and achievements. Their website looks pretty outdated and their seems to be little content that is considered news worthy. Most of the time it has to do with landing new defense contracts which happens every couple of months or so.

    I am tasked with making their company look professional with interesting content for anyone who views these pages. The most important people to target would be people that would be granting these contracts of course, but the trickle down exposure of others viewing and sharing content that was interesting seems to be what my client wants.

    I am looking for ideas and services that may help me do a good job, as this opportunity may serve as a portal to some sort of full-time position with the company. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    As of know the company is interested in Linked-in and facebook.

    My ideas include:

    Fan Page with fan-gate conversion page.

    Use of facebook pages created and automated to suggest to others to add the page... I have had success with attractive female accounts in the past. The defense contract niche may be different though and would invite anything that may spark their interest or be useful.

    Actively pursuing the target audience. Maybe scraping information to better target and email them as well. I have a feeling these are the type of people that are more likely to be the inbox at 8 am type. Scraping techniques and database organization, programs and implementation are of interest. Any pointers are greatly appreciated as I am new in this area.

    Creating original content on Youtube every week, with something informative. This would be some type of interview/ info format show which would be hosted by nothing other that a beautiful young lady.

    Twitter account which updates daily interesting facts and breaking news. These tweets would push to blog and all other social medias as to give the illusion of original content spanning the various platforms.

    Hosting a blog that serves as a collection of interesting info/ news from other sites... Kinda like a cliff notes of industry related information. This could have an rss feed and the ability to like/+1/tweet...etc.

    Google+ account: this is the one I know the least about... twitter I am not as familiar either. Any pointers or service you may have are appreciated. From what I have seen, I am attracted to the blogs that rank with a picture in the search results. I believe this is specific to Google+.

    Tactics, services, programs and strategies are needed. Been studying all of this and would love a mentor in this field as I am really interested in all of this GOOD STUFF. Anything is on the board as far as deals being struck for goods and services that may benefit me in achieving results.

    PROGRAMS I am exploring include Scrapebox, Proxy Multiply, Account Creator Extreme, Interested in your thoughts about Ubot software and have a fairly good knowledge of photoshop for creating my own visual media.

    Some experience with website and wordpress creation.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post.