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    Hi BHW members,

    We would like to give you guys a huge AA list for free to rank you well in the SERP and ultimately achieve more sales. Let's check the stat of the list below to know what you will get.

    AA URLs => 25114
    AA unique domains => 6814
    AA low OBL => 5502

    PR0: 24405 URLs
    PR2: 230 URLs
    PR1: 404 URLs
    PR4: 17 URLs
    PR3: 53 URLs
    PR7: 1 URLs
    PR5: 3 URLs

    Do you want to rank well in the SERP to get more sales? Then you must need backlinks. Even after the Penguin update backlinks are still GOLD and will be the same forever, but things changed a little bit, and now it is more important than ever to use this list to backlink your buffer sites, not your money sites, and vary the anchor text as much as possible (if you have any questions or need any tips regarding the Penguin update, please, feel free to contact us, we have had some great success. )

    Happy backlinking and stay tuned for more lists.
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