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    Hello everyone,
    Though most of you are known to this method. But, it would be helpful to the newbies. Today I am introducing you a very popular method of having real twitter follower. Its not a software or bot. Just go through "twiends" website and login with your twiiter account. Complete your twiends profile by the help of your existing twitter account. Now, you need to follow some people first and then you automatically will get followers. Follow the people who offering more seeds e.g. if you follow a person having 7 seeds, you gonna get 7 followers within few moments. Thus, you can increase your follower 200-300 within an hour. Remember, do not unfollow the people you have followed after getting followers. It really works and proven method for real twitter follower. Thanks for your time.
    P.S. Any question regarding that issue are welcomed, I am glad if I can help!