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    Due to the load on the server, I am only accepting a certain # of requests... I dont know when I will stop accepting requests. When I do, I will update the thread.

    I have learned quite a few little tricks here on BHW and want to give back to the community.

    Google provides 'hot trend' keywords. Essentially, it's the current hot search trends. Google monitor's and posts this data on an hourly basis, which is how often I am scraping.

    Not only am I scraping the 'hot trends'. I also wrote a script to access the Adword PPC data for each keyword.

    The database is not very large. I have only been running this since march 26th. And currently, there are 5700 row's.

    Here is a description of each column inside the table.

    keyword = The keyword extracted
    result = The rank it received on google trends (1-20)
    cpc_low = Cost Per Click 'low' value
    cpc_high = Cost Per Click 'high' value
    cpc_avg = Cost Per Click 'average' value
    ad_low = Ad position (will always be 1)
    ad_high = Ad position (will always be 3)
    click_low = Clicks Per Day, Low
    click_high = Clicks Per Day, High
    click_avg = Clicks Per Day, Average
    cost_low = Daily Cost, Low
    cost_high = Daily Cost, High
    cost_avg = Daily Cost, Average
    month = The month it was extracted
    day = the day it was extracted
    year = the year it was extracted
    hour = the hour it was extracted

    I recommend using some sort of visual query browser when executing queries.

    You will also notice that the first ~1000 row's are NULL. This is because I did not implement adword extraction yet.

    Also, you will notice that alot of the row's do not contain PPC info. Thats because google did not have any for that keyword.

    DO NOT pm me and say "there are duplicate entries!".. There are there for a reason. (see how many times the keyword comes up for deeper analysis)

    DO NOT pm me and say "some row's have html in the column". I am aware. The script that was pulling the data must not have received the correct info. (this only affects about 20 rows)

    NOTE: I'm a busy guy. Just like everyone else. Please do not request access if you do not have a static IP address. I will not update the IP address every time you need to connect!!

    NOTE: Please do not request access if you don't know mysql or basic mysql commands!!

    How to request access:
    Send a PM, Title the PM with 'MySql Access' and provide your IP address in the body.

    This is the only way to access it. If you don't want to give me your IP address, then you don't get access. simple as that.

    I will then reply with the connection details.

    Please remember that I have a limit of only 100pm's. I'll try to keep up with the requests as they come in.

    I cannot guarantee the life of this. If I notice any abuse, I will be forced to take it down. If I notice too much load on the server, I will be forced to take it down.


    UPDATE: These are U.S. trends only.
    UPDATE: This is not http!!! i have been getting a lot of people trying to connect through the web. it will not allow you to. you must use a query browser!. this IS NOT phpmyadmin!

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    Thank you for sharing this.

    I've PM'ed you.
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    all requests filled, taking more.
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    Keep in mind that the keywords are continuously being scraped and inserted into the database on an hourly basis.