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    keyword search


    article uniqueness check, collaborating and content creating


    Check if your article is rewritten or duplicated with these tools Upvoting, polling and threaded commenting helps creativity and decision making. Make your title suggestions, stick them into Title Tester and it gives you a link to share with your network.

    Infographics and For typo errors keywords Title maker assistant Great for pinterest Better background for you while you write, more inspiring Free article spinning works great, DON"T go for any of their other services Wayback machine. Great for finding deindexed articles to use on tier 2

    track and spy


    social media

    [​IMG], G+, Facebook. Schedule, search, analyze Fast tracking and organizing tools simple yet nice platform This tool evaluates the strength of your Facebook page analyze content based on social shares twit scheduling still in beta, automates replies, did't try it but seems interesting add your message to content search
    http://www.talkwalker.comsomething like google alerts but still working find pinterest groups

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    Great share, I love "what my visitors see in first five seconds" always wondered how people see my sites.