get instant $4 by doing this for me

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    I want you to sign up to www. thekeywordacademy dot com using your paypal. When you sign up, choose TKA pro, not basic. Pay trial $1 with your paypal. Once you are done I will transfer $5 ($4 for you + sign up $1) to your paypal. You have to give me login information to me. Change your paypal adress to some other email you don't use.

    Why do I not do myself? Because I had signed up before and now it expired but I only need to watch 2 of their tutorial videos. So I don't really want to renew my account by paying $34. So that's it. It is a good website for newbie. I highly recommand it if you are finding hard time with keywords research.

    PS. I am not affiliated with them in any way.
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