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    Hello All,

    Why do you need backlinks? Backlinks account for 80% of your Google rankings. On page SEO is very important, but it is less powerful than backlinks. If you don't know what backlinks are, backlinks are links of your website that other people place on their pages. Why do we need backlinks? First of all they bring you tons of traffic = free traffic, secondly backlinks also give you to the power to get recognized and most important of all: the more backlinks, the higher you will rank in the Google serps ( serp = Search Engine Ranking Position).
    Now there's something else you should also know. Google gives a degree of importance to different websites translated as "pageranks". So when you start a new blog or website, your pagerank will be 0 or n.a. The lowest pagerank you can get is 0 and the highest is 10. For obvious reasons, there aren't that many pr10 websites; Google for example is one of them. If we look at Facebook, we can see that Facebook has a PR9. Now why would this matter to us regarding our backlinks? Well if you can get your website linked on a high or different high pagerank websites, Google will see your website as an important website. That's cool, but what else do I get? You will rank much higher in the Google serps and your pr level will actually increase as well.

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