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Apr 21, 2008
here is a link to a scraper that grabs keywords from the new Google Instant, tested it out only using 2 keywords and got over 4,000 new longtail keywords so it works really well.

Virus Total scan is below but because its a Ubot and Ubot plugs into IE its bringing back some false positives, if you are worried then run it in sandboxie or something, I think its safe, though use at your own risk.

VirusTotal - 2/42

Download From Multiupload:
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doesnt work for me, because im the UK and we dont have instant yet..

the app goes to google.com, which when in the uk redirects to google.co.uk

would be handy to add proxy support...
strange.. i havent got it yet?? heard on the news they where rolling it out next week in the UK...
This is what is called 'always being one step ahead'. Google instant is not even available in all countries and we already have the scraper! Awesome job Loak:cool: Together, we will beat Google's every move:D
yeh it should be now rolled out just about everywhere, so scrape the hell out of it..

if you dont want it to country code you then install a vpn or something like proxy firewall, maybe get the free trial of something like gotrusted if your on a budget.

its best to use 1 or 2 keywords per line as your source keyword then build from there, let google feed the bot all its long tail and you will get some excellent keyword lists.

even try general keywords like cheap, free, easy, how to... and the lists will get massive..

what I have been doing is just feeding the bot with tons of keyword lists once it finishes its run I have been putting it in another ubot that crushes google to get cpc traffic ect..

you can download that here

VirusTotal - 1/42



any clean version

not that I know of they're both ubots, maybe check ubot forums out and see if people have had problems, been running these bots with kaspersky and norton with no problems..
it should still work fine, mine does qqq then www and it scrapes the same.
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