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    Well, after finding so many useful things around this forum, I finally found something that may also be useful to someone else around here. (I searched and didn't find anything similar - if it's been posted before, please delete.. sorry).

    Here is how I made an EDU e-mail:

    1. Go to: eimsYYYYmaricopaYYYYedu SLASH MAW SLASH MAW YYYY html
    2. Choose: "I am a new student and have never attended any Maricopa Community College or Skill Centers."
    3. Generate a profile at "Fake Name Generator". This is the best since it will generate a SSN which you will need to enter.
    4. Use the profile info to register.
    5. Save all the info given on the confirmation page, you will need the "MEID" to login (it's the username), along with the other info if you want to further personalize the account.
    6. Wait a couple minutes, it's usually instant, but may take up to 15-20mins.
    7. Go to: mailYYYYgoogleYYYYcom SLASH a SLASH maricopa YYYY edu

    (just replace the YYYY for . and slash for /)

    Sorry for the weird urls, but it looks like I can't post urls, even being registered since 2010 :(

    Maybe some mod will find this useful and straighten them out... :)