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Huy Phan

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Sep 3, 2012
Free Hotmail Account Creator for BHW members :)

Free Edition limited:
-1 thread (no multi-threads)
- No AOL account creator


https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/6d460599719e09537dff22580dea25b87f411f3b64afdbbb8a  5f99a305d70474/analysis/1400725899/

SHA256:    6d460599719e09537dff22580dea25b87f411f3b64afdbbb8a5f99a305d70474
File name:    EmailCreatorFree.rar
Detection ratio:     0 / 53
Analysis date:     2014-05-22 02:31:39 UTC ( 0 minutes ago )
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I have used your web 2.0 account creator. i will have try hotmail account creator too..

Thanks for the share...
Okay..this is amazing tool...how many email accounts did i create by hand :( I tried it..flawless..maybe one more thing,should put a refresh captcha button
Doesn't Hotmail require telephone verification these days (100% of the time)?
If not - great share :)

Well, even if so great share. Not your fault if Hotmail get their ass in their hand.

From 10 attemps i could create just one account
after submitting the captcha i get an error Failed to submit user data!
yes there are a new version with submitter. i will upload soon. some dll got false positive from virustotal. so i need to fix them first :)

Awesome! It is a very useful tool, I hope you'll add all the engines that were suggested in that thread.
Great share thanks man!

However, with Hotmail accounts you have to have some natural activity on there for the first 24 hours or they will get flagged and want a phone verification. What I usually do is send a few emails to other accounts and reply as if it was a normal email to lower the risk of them detecting the dreaded "Suspicious Activity" and suspending the account.
whats the price for full version including multi threading ?

and can you add dialup reset after every x number of accounts or maybe running a batch file to switch ips automatically?
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