Get .com domains for 0.99$ [4 days left]

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by 25aug, Feb 11, 2013.

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    Jun 25, 2011
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    Title says it all , 1and1 has a special offers for .com domain , it will last 4 more days so hurry up and grab your domain :)

    Aff. link (you got nothing to loose )

    Non-aff link : google 1and1
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    Well what you've done is made certain I will never under any circumstances do business with 1and1 ever. Just feels WAY too sleazy. First the affiliate link in the post (vs. the rules), then the weazely language about the price being $0.99 (for the 1st 12 months) and then a bunch of spammy sales screens until it gets to the point where you start filling out your information and it looked to me like they were going to require a 2-year contract with the 2nd year being $4.00 a month = $48.00 for the 2nd year, so $49.00 / 2 = $24.60/year registration = @ 2 1/2 times what standard price is everywhere else.

    I didn't keep clicking to find out if this was going to be the case. I got the idea that they were going to get all my information (name, address, phone number, email, credit card information) and then at the last minute do the "Bait & Switch" and only THEN do I find out it's a 2-year contract, with the 1st year being at a discount, and the 2nd year being at an extremely high premium. But by then, they have all my information available to be sold to spammers and credit card thieves.

    So, I thought about it, and I thought "Does this website look like it's being run by people sleazy enough run this kind of scam, and then sell off my data?" and the answer was:

    HELL YES. That sleazy site looks JUST LIKE the kind of site a bunch of sleaze-ball scammers and thieves would use to run a scam like that and, oh-hello, the OP posts his affiliate link in the post, so now we see his character too.

    Hell No, OP. I wouldn't do business with that company if you GAVE me the domain name.