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Discussion in 'CJ Affiliate' started by sfidirectory, Aug 25, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    After posting several other posts about this in the wrong forum here on BHW I finally realised that there was a place esp for CJ affiliates, doh!!

    I am using tinyurl(dot)com to redirect my CJ affiliate links and am wondering what are some sure fire ways and tactics to get clicks on the links, and ultimately sales. I got my first sale the other day which is the reason why I am a little exited about it, but am hungry for more...

    I have used things such as PRStorm and traffic exchanges to try and increase clicks, but in terms of affiliate and internet marketing I'm still relatively a newbie (even though I am working towards being a professional web developer, affiliate marketing is something i have yet to fully explore).

    Im a uni student and am wondering by any chance do CJ offer flyer templates? Also, what CJ products do you all think would appeal to students on a world-wide level? If there are products that are definitely appealing to students and I could source flyers I could have the chance of making some good money, for myself and the product owner...
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    Thanks for your question.

    Gives me something to do. :)

    Traffic exchanges can work. But rarely do they return the amount of income you would require to make any time or money investment worthwhile.

    Banner advertising is better, but even better, PPC advertising. Research 'split-testing'. But most importantly. Dont invest what you cant afford to lose.

    I hope this helps?