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    writing the code your moma readings
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    I just published my first WP plugin ... you can get it for free on WP . org

    Promote your Chrome App on your WordPress Blog!

    Do you have an App in the Chrome Web Store?
    Do you want a quick and easy way to Promote it through-out your wordpress blog?
    Than you have come to the right plug-in!
    This Plug-in Lets you add a sidebar widget to blog with the official chrome Web Store button and also adds a J-Query Plug-in that is designed to emulate Chrome's info-bar and let your visits know that you have a chrome app!
    A few highlights of the Chrome App Promoter Widget :

    • Automatically adds Chrome.Infobar style horizontal panel just above your blog's contents.
    • Users can install your Chrome App with one click!
    • Requires a valid App already in the Google Chrome Web-Store.
    • You must add your Chrome App ID on the settings page.
    • is now LIVE!
    • Widget can be added from WordPress back-end.
    • Add the Chrome App Button with a shortcode.
    • Open your blog up to the 120 million+ Google Chrome Users!
    Get the Chrome App Promoter Widget NOW!
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    Looks interesting will checkout when I back home