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    Hi All,

    I'm the creator of this new software called Allied Link Builder. The idea behind my software is that we can all help each other out by building quality related backlinks.
    The idea of earning points to spend points isn't new but I haven't found any software that does that with backlinks. (correct me if I'm wrong...)
    Because the software is brand new, there won't be alot of backlinks to find for the first few users. But the more people who'll use the software the more backlinks will be available. So be active and we will have a great system with lots of backlink oppertunities where everyone can benefit from....

    This is the first release, so I need people to help me test it and post some feedback in order to improve the software. This software will always be free, however I'm considering to add an option where users can buy points in a later stage. When this feature is implemented it still means that anyone can use the software for free.

    So, to get started first download the 2 rar files from mediafire and install.
    After installing, run the programm and register as requested. You will get an email, with a code. Copy this code into the appropiate field and hit the green button.
    You can now login and use the software.

    To begin, first go to the "My Links" section and add a url that you own. (First click on the big +sign to add a record) After that hit the "Get info" button and the software gets the info from your page.
    You can choose wether your link should apear in the search results, within the software ofcoarse, so that other users can send you a request. Simply select "Active" to make your link visible or "Inactive" to make it invisible.
    Then hit the "Add Link" button (if everything is in place), bottom right, to add your link to the system.

    If a user sends you a request you will see that in the dashboard and you can Accept or reject that request.(you can also see the requests you have made in the second column with the status of the request and even check if the link is still there if accepted) If accepted and the link from the user who requested this, is on your webpage (the software checks this), than you will be rewarded with one point.

    Ofcoarse you can also send other users a request and that way you are spending points and in return you will have a backlink.
    I hope it makes sense but anyway, here are some screenshots and the download links. I think it's best to give it a try and just see if you like it :)
    Sorry for the bad English.... ;-)

    Account Info.jpg Dashboard.jpg Evaluate Requests.jpg My Links.jpg Search to Request Backlinks.jpg

    Here are the links:


    And the virus checks can be found here:

    Allied Link Builder Installer.part1.rar

    Allied Link Builder Installer.part2.rar

    P.S. I will not be here all day, because it's a very hot day here right now and I'n sweating my pants off right now sitting behind my PC typing this thread..... :breakpc1: