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    Hello Everyone,

    I will have someone post some images Below this post to help guide you a little bit.... So Give the Person who did me a favor some thanks! Now! With the theme of "Get Adwords Clicks For Pennies" I'm going to focus on "Penny Stocks"

    With that said I'm going to jump right in. This is using CPM Bidding instead of PPC bidding.... Also: This is not using "Keywords" It's using the content network.... You may say the content network brings "HORRIBLE TRAFFIC" I beg to differ It can bring the exact same traffic you get on search engines if you target it correctly and it costs a lot less money.

    How this is done you might ask?

    You would go to Google and search for something like ohh let's say "penny stocks to buy" This keyword gets nice volume the PPC on the search engine cost quite a bit of money not "pennies" So what we are going to do is look for a page on the SERPS and find one that just has content with a nice banner ad sitting on top practically saying "click me".

    So you would do a CPM bid cost per 1k impressions. You should have a very high CTR if you write even a decent ad copy so you are going for that high CTR. You could achieve 10% or higher CTR easily if you get the correct placement. Remember these people are coming from the search results pages. It is the same traffic as you would get on search engines. You are not bidding on site wide you are bidding on pages. You are also usually the only competition I might add.

    Steps to create a campaign.
    1. Do the research look for the Hotspots as I call them in google. You will find tons of them for multiple keywords with just content sites sitting at the top of the SERPS. Look for the specific pages.
    2. Login and create a campaign. Disable Search and Search network. Click Content network saying you want to manage placements.
    3. Set your bid to CPM instead of CPC you can tell it to do that in the bidding options it's in the Screenshot below.
    4. Add the "Pages of the sites" in the networks tab this is the specific pages you want your ad to appear.
    5. Focus on building a successful campaign you will be getting clicks a lot cheaper from the high CTR you don't have ton's of ads you are competing with.

    The Pros To this are amazing... You are getting the same traffic and paying WAY LESS

    Do an offer you have done in the past that you have had success with and try a content network with this method. You should find it very profitable.

    You will need to build a landing page since these ads get reviewed before they go up. I recommend setting up a simple landing page where you also collect an email but you can also setup a "review" if you would like. Whatever works for you.

    I realize in the pictures I did not put quotes around the links I am just trying to get this post out there... So if you try this do that....

    See the images below.

    Have fun guys and if you didn't know how to get clicks for pennies now you do.

    EDIT: If someone could download it from mediafire posted by meathead and link to the pictures individually displaying them and outlining them I'm sure you will get a lot of thank you's. I have them in a certain order which you will see.

    - Zeize
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