Get a Free XEN VPS With 613MB of RAM For a Year!

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    Amazon launched their free tier of Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) on Nov 1 and some of you beginners can use it to practice some linux or host some of your blogs.

    Here's what's included:

    750 Hours of single Micro instance. (Enough to run for a month ;))

    15GB In BW and 15GB Out BW

    10Gb DISK

    1 vCPU

    613MB of RAM

    Up to 4 Elastic IPs.

    All that free for a year!

    More details here:

    This is only valid for new users though. You need to sign up then go to your dashboard to launch your instance.


    1. A Credit Card
    2. A Valid Phone Number (They'll give you an automated call)

    1. Make sure you only create Micro instances (t1-micro).
    2. Make sure you don't choose Amazon AMIs but Community AMIs.
    3. Check your bandwidth occasionally. BW is damn expensive on Amazon and you can find $100s due if you exceed the 15GBs.
    You can even use the service as a CDN to speed up your existing sites but I wouldn't recommend you to use it for big files such as videos and large images because 15GB just won't cut it. If you exceed the 15GB it will be $0.10 per additional GB which is BS!:whoo:

    Enjoy this fine service from Amazon,
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    What can i do with that beside learning linux and hosting some blogs?