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    Hey guys,
    I really hope I haven't missed an article that has already covered my question before. If so, please ignore me.

    Ok, I have just created a german MNS with around 10 pages unique content. I am going to expand that number, when I see the first bit of traffic coming in. I don't want to put more effort in it, before I am sure that I can beat my competitors.

    At first, I want to target 3 main keywords which I have already covered in seo-optimized articles (still the keyword density is <2%, because I don't want to get slapped by the penguin). The other articles are about some related keywords with less monthly traffic and some are just made for the purpose to give the user useful informations. You could say, I have written the articles for humans not the robots but I guess the amount of LSI keywords I have covered will help me.

    I have 0 backlinks on this (EMD for one of the 3 main keywords) so far.
    Domain age: 10 days +-2?

    That's my background.
    Now my question to guys that actually rank for german keywords.

    The problem is that the german grammar isn't that useful if you want to use comment spam programs, article spinners and so on. A native german speaker will notice, that the texts are not even written by a person that has german as it's second language. Everything you get will look like crap for a german reader.

    I.) Has somebody some strategies that work anyway in the german region?
    II.) Do some tools also work there, like Nohandseo if you reduce the amount of daily links to a minimum?
    III.) Do english twitter,facebook and google+ followers work for german sites as well as a backlink source?
    IV.) What about social bookmarks. Is there a need to get them from accounts that link mostly to german sites, so that google doesn't become suspicious?

    I really hope that has been successfull in this area so far could explain me at least a part of his strategy.

    The strategy I thought of was like:

    - create around 20 Web 2.0 with 2-3 unique articles. 2 of them link to each other. 1 of the 2 links to the 3rd one and that one links to 1 article of my website or just my www ." emd ".de .
    - create facebook,twitter,google+ -fanpage. add followers by using english fake fans, buy likes, shares and so on at a weekly basis? (not sure wether that will work)
    - buy social bookmarks from for my page ( not sure wether that will work, too?)
    - create a pdf with a link to my webpage.
    - create youtube-video with link to my webpage.
    - add the site to some webdirectories for diversity.

    I will not use the keyword as the anchor text all the time. Thought of maybe 20-30% anchor texts with the keyword in it? the rest are variations from it + "click here" variations

    - social bookmarks for the web 2.0, youtube vid, pdf, facebook,twitter,google+ page

    I will not ping any of these links.. let google find it.

    - Nohandseo with 1 running thread for 12hrs a day with my own custom made german comments? (not sure about that)

    I'd really like to hear what you think about it. Any suggestions are very welcome.

    best wishes,

    PS.: And yes I know. My english looks like crap for an english native speaker as well .-). That's why I focus on german sites now.
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    are you german ? if yes i could help you a little bit, write me a pm
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    pm sent :)
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    Sorry to hijack that, but could you guys pm me, too? I'm having the exact same question since I am also German and targeting the German market.

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    I am also interested in German links