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    I believe that this is the best section to "discuss" making money, and it might give some of the newbies like me a good idea. I'm pretty sure it's an old method, but it seems like it would work. However, I need some guidance/encouragement.

    I used Market Samurai to find that a certain geo keyword + jobs had a daily search of 800, and then a similar search with one of 9,000. Looking at the top 10 competitors the sites are years old, but only have 5 or so backlinks throughout their site. I believe that thier ranking just comes from age and the domain name, which shouldn't be hard to beat. Keep in mind that some of these top 10 are actually well established sites with tens and hunrdreds of thousands of backlinks. Actual job searching sites.

    I have purchased a domain that contains the low competition, 800 daily searches keyword and plan an setting up a Wordpress blog. Nothing too fancy or informative because I would like to montenize it with Adsense and possibly a CPA offer or my own ebook (that I would have to create. Can't sell anything if all the information is already on your site.

    So I have a few questions:

    1. The best way to start off building credibility would be to submit comments to blogs, write a few Ezine articles, and then maybe do some Yahoo Answers?

    2. What would be the best thing to sell on a site like this? I was thinking something along the lines of "How to stand out as a potential employee" ebook, but that means I would have to write it myself. The only CPA offers I can find on the subject is either working a home online stuff or CDs "improving job skills". Would these be good enough to sell for my target audience?

    3. When you make a site like this, is it best to make many posts on one keyword, or to focus on different high traffic keywords in each post?

    4. And finally, doing social bookmarking and such, should I just bookmark the home page of my Wordpress blog, or each individual post?

    Thanks for all you're help!
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    1. yes and some twitter as well.
    2. try cj they got some nice offer for job searching like m*nster , you can use ads*nse too.
    3.many post different keyword in each post and you will see what keyword are working the most afterward. are bookmarking the rss flux so it totaly automated , everytime you post they got a flux update.