Geo-Local List Harvesting via CL

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    This is just an offline marketing method I've been doing to generate some targeted leads / list building.

    I'd go to Cr41gslist and then post an item of interest. For example, if I'm looking to find developers or designers within a local area -- I post an ad in the Gigs-> Computer section with a fake job offer. I pretend to be a client who needs help developing a website.

    In the ad I ask that individuals please leave their real contact information -- because I get flooded with fakes / scams.
    This will allow the individual to provide their real information for contact.

    After I launch the ad and then await the responses via email.

    I use my own program such as a mailing api to do my email scraping/list building.

    Essentially all the emails coming in will be somewhat targeted around the topic of choice post you had.

    You just keep doing this for different topics, different areas, different sections. Make sure you segment and annotate your lists separately.

    After that I just keep building the list then later on hit them with a targeted offer whether it be offline or online.
    What you hit them with is up to you.

    I've been having some great success doing this method and making some money from it. Just think outside the box.
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