Genuine DVD/Blu-ray/Books Dropshipping Opportunity

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    Hi Everyone,

    I know of a genuine United Kingdom DVD/Blu-ray/Book seller that provides customer fulfillment (dropshipping). In order
    for me to use their dropshipping service I need a credit account with them, I cannot open a credit account with them
    due to my credit history (defaults on credit record).

    I'm offering 25% of profits earned on my Business selling the DVDs/Blu-rays/Books etc. in return for them opening
    the account for me to use.

    I know the Business will work as I've used genuine dropshippers before and earned good money. This seems to be the only
    way for me to use this Companies services by teaming up with someone.

    You need to be UK based please and ideally living in the South East to make it easy to meet in person. This isn't black hat, I can
    sell the products successfully, I just need the account to access the products to sell.

    Is there anybody out there willing to do this? I do all the work/selling.
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