Generic Texts which you can used for link building

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    if you are building backlinks, then now-a-days it is very essential to give generic text backlinks to all type of backlinks like web 2.0, social bookmarking, high pr profiles, high pr blog comments, your main website etc..

    You can use below generic texts. I hope you like this share.

    blog link
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    website here
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    Here is a spintax format you use for generating hundreds of generic terms.

    {Check this out|this website|this blog|this site|Click {Here|In this article|At this website|On this page|On this site|On this website}|Clicking Here|Go {Here|At this site|Now}|Going {Here|In this article|At this website|Listed here|On this page|On this site}|Read {This|This method}|Read {More|Much more|A lot more|Far more|Even more|Alot more|A great deal more|Significantly more}|Find Out More|Discover {More|A lot more|Additional|Alot more|Even more}|Learn {More|A lot more|Additional|Alot more|Even more|A great deal more}|Read More {Here|In this article|At this website|Listed here|On this page}|Discover {More|A lot more|Additional|Alot more|Even more|A great deal more} Here|Learn {More|A lot more|Additional|Alot more|Even more|A great deal more} Here|Click {This|That} Link|visit this {link|hyperlink|website link|web page link|weblink|backlink|website}|{homepage|home page|home-page|website|web site|webpage|web page|main page|internet site}|Home Page|Visit Website|website|web site|get more info|Get More {Information|Info|Details|Data|Facts|Information and facts|Material|Advice|Tips|Knowledge|Specifics|Imp ortant information}|This {Site|Website|Web site|Internet site|Web page|Web-site|Webpage|Blog|Internet page|Resource site}|More {Info|Data|Information|Details|Facts|Information and facts|Advice|Tips|Material}|check this out|Look {At This|Around This}|Full {Article|Post|Write-up|Content|Document|Posting|Report|Guide|Piece of writing}|Full {Report|Document|Record|Statement|Survey|Review|Fi le|Article}|Read the Full {Article|Post|Write-up|Content|Document|Posting|Report|Guide|Piece of writing}|Get the {Facts|Details|Information|Specifics|Truth|Points| Pieces of information|Data|Information and facts}|{related|associated|connected|linked|releva nt|similar|affiliated|correlated|corresponding} {site|blog|internet page|internet site|resource site|web page|web site|webpage|website|web-site}|{Recommended|Suggested|Advised|Encouraged|Pr oposed|Advisable|Highly recommended} {Reading|Studying|Looking at|Browsing}|{Recommended|Advisable|Advised|Encour aged|Highly recommended|Proposed|Suggested|Endorsed|Preferred| A good idea|Advocated} {Site|Blog|Internet page|Internet site|Resource site|Web page|Web site|Webpage|Website|Web-site|Online site}|source|{article source|article resource|source for this article|resource for this article}|{click|click on|simply click|just click|press|mouse click|push|please click} for source|link|{more|a lot more|additional|alot more|even more|a great deal more}|{additional info|information|more information|additional information}|{continue reading|keep reading|read on|stay with me}|{continue|carry on|proceed}|{Continued|Ongoing|Continuing|Carried on|Extended}|More {Help|Aid|Support|Assistance|Guidance}|{resources| sources|assets|methods}|{extra|additional|added|fu rther|more|excess|supplemental} resources|{Bonuses|Bonus deals|Additional bonuses|Signup bonuses|Add-ons|Bonus products}|{More|A lot more|Additional|Alot more|Even more|A great deal more|Extra|Far more|Much more|Significantly more|Further|Way more} {Bonuses|Additional bonuses|Add-ons|Bonus deals|Bonus products|Signup bonuses}|{More|A lot more|Additional|Alot more|Even more|A great deal more} {hints|suggestions|tips|ideas|clues|inspiring ideas|methods|information}|{helpful|useful|benefic ial|valuable|very helpful|handy|practical|effective} {resources|assets|methods|sources}|{click|just click|mouse click|please click|simply click|visit|click through} the {next|following|up coming} {page|post|site|web page|web site|webpage|website|internet page|website page|article|document|internet site|blog page}}
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    They can be helpful for starters, thanks for the share though :)
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    Nice shares guys, this will be very useful for people who are just getting started with their keyword diversity.