Generate Traffic from Facebook Groups: Insights from 250,000 posts

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    700 million people use Facebook groups monthly. We should be able to drive massive traffic from Facebook groups in theory. But in reality, most people didn't get much traffic even they do 100 posts or more a day regularly.

    I want to share the insights from about 250,000 posts made by a few thousand users via our web-based software soengaging in last a few months.

    1. Statistics
    1) Only 0.1% of posts went viral. That?s when a post is shared by the group members and generated 500+ clicks. The best post generated about 10,000 clicks.
    2) 1% of posts have generated 100+ clicks per post.
    3) 10% of posts have generated 5+ clicks per post.
    The percentage of content going viral is 1-10% for professional social media marketers like upworthy, buzzfeed and huffingtonpost.

    2. How Traffic is generated from Facebook groups.
    Traffic generated in three ways:
    1) People visit groups. Only a very small percentage of members will regularly visit a group because Facebook don?t send daily summary of a group like Linkedin does.
    2) A post made to the newsfeed of group members when the engagement of the post is high. A highly engaged post could generate more clicks than a sticky post.
    3) Posts are shared by the group members. This doesn?t happen often.

    3. How to generate more traffic from Facebook groups
    20% of groups will generate 80% of traffic for almost any niches.
    1) The most important part is to find the right groups via testing. This?ll take a while. But once you found a set of good groups, you have your own traffic machine. The member size of a group isn?t a good indicator for how much traffic it?ll generate.
    2) Write compelling headlines and use good images ? what makes people to click.
    3) Interesting content ? what makes members to share your post.

    4. Best niches and the worst niches
    1) Best niches: news, entertainment, hot chicks, funny images, local content and etc.
    2) Worst niches: online marketing, making money online etc.

    5. Protect your Facebook account
    1) Share useful and engaging content.
    2) Don?t be too aggressive. Do take a break.
    3) Use paid ads to amplify the reaches for your best performed posts.
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    Thx for your sharing!Benefit a lot!:multicolo