generate big volume US traffic?


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Jul 15, 2012
Dear Guys,

I need some help from you

Just want to know how i can get 500,000 USA impressions to my website per day?
I mean i need truely impressions to my website(no click ,no Conversions is okay)
You can use proxy to visit my website for 15second or 20second per IP all is okay ,just truely visit my website's video or display campaigns banners

Is that possible?If you know the way just let me know please

Maybe there have software can do the job?
Well, that is a lot of impression when you are just starting things. But you can try pinterest, use Pin blaster(I recommend) grow some accounts for 2-3 month and I am sure you can generate like 1k impressions every Try the same thing with other social medias.

Its not a piece of cake unless you have very good content and a lot of backlinks to your website.
thanks for your answer two guys :)
Is there anyway to get bot or fakc traffic?that will truely visit my website?
Buy from ad networks, thats the way to get thousands of real traffic.
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