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    This is from a discussion on a other forum:

    G: General tags are tags that a lot of people will use. They typically have higher PR's (up to 6+ in some cases). When you post your article on the WEB 2.0 site, if you used 3 PR6 tags, your article will have 3 PR6 links right away. That's really part of what makes the internal linking structure so great on many web 2.0 sites.

    S: Can you give an example of one of these "general tags" and also give an example of a web2.0 other than Squidoo that allows tags?

    G: I'm very much about being helpful but I won't do everyone's work for them. Most big name web 2.0's use a tag system. They may label it under different terms, but they are tags. Come on now... use a little elbow grease

    Someone can give me an example of what is a "general" tags.