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General domain advice for noob -

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by soulmining, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. soulmining

    soulmining Newbie

    Jun 1, 2013
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    Hi and thanks for anything you might be able to assist with my understanding...

    I have a few ideas that are sort of country specific. They could go under one domain, but would be better served with multiple. That means 5x the costs and 5x the hassle for a guy with IT experience, but never so much as built a wp site.

    The url I want to use in one site, I've come up with a clever name but contains zero keywords. For instance, Im blooging about beekeeping but the sites name is vague and a bit arty like..thelosthive or dronehome. I can include keywords, but the url becomes long and tedious. Main keywords are 7 and 8 lettets each and when paired in all manners, never make a memorable url.

    Does it cost money to park a domain until I get the site up or do I just upload in men at work page?
    Will I need a snail mail address (yes)? This can be locked and hidden?

    Two popular sites that are similar to my content offering have urls I could easily mimick by dropping underscores in hyphens. If these would rank as the sites, I could potentially siphon off people not by offering an alternative. A similar but wholly different experience. Not - selling them Pepsi for Coke.

    ilovebhw <-- take this for redirect?

    Many browsers might say, you are now being redirected no? Does it matter to most nontechie users?

    I will wait for Namecheap coupons, buy and transfer to Hostgator, or...given the addl cost (transf + hosting)is it better to do it all with HG?

    Sorry, two mysteries (non domain) if you would humor me:

    Do you get paid via adsense (for instance) by page view or advert click?

    ★Of course this is all numbers, but as a general rule...if you could contain web content in an Android app and sell that app for say 3US. Would it be better to build the app and just use the page as promo support or better to go for revenue by the website.

    Sorry this is so long and I so ignorant about it all. Sort of ashamed it's taken me so long to come to the party.