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    Hi all,

    Got referred to this site by a mate who has never had a 'real job' and has been doing IM since he was 13, boss.

    Anyhow, figured I should get my butt onto this site and get dedicated to IM if I want to quit my crappy day job sometime soon.

    bout me: 20, male, naive. bit of a corporate whore, worked in finance, telco's and now tobacco all in marketing and sales positions. always had little ventures on the side since i was 16, starting with ebay and moving onto web startups and even noodle bars. Really want to add some value to this community, lots to learn first. some of the threads really blow me away in how actionable they are. I've already started trying out one "see: 22 letters = $17,000 profit" before I actually registered on the site to post.

    Anyhow, looking forward to making 2012 an absolutely awesome year and finally getting out of the 9 - 5!