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    Hey all.

    I was thinking about what I can contribute while I wait for a few things to blossom...and I began thinking about the long road I took to get here.

    I come from the many Homebrew scenes across many different consoles. I started with a PS2, and moved on to the DS, Wii, PSP, and XBox360 in that order.

    I've learned a lot about struggling to make the impossible possible, following strict tutorials until I gained success that I had only dreamed of months ago. My experience with learning softmodding is very much mirroring my experience with Internet Marketing, CPA, and Black Hat in general. The learning curve is almost exactly the's so steep that it seems impossible, but after you've mastered it, you don't want to do anything but climb slopes.

    At any rate, I figured it would be a good idea to point back to my heritage, particularly because I haven't seen softmodding discussed anywhere else. (Gee, sure hope this doesn't get me banned.)

    GBATemp (dot) net will teach you everything you need to know about any and all softmods currently available, and even those which are under development. The front page also functions as an up to date gaming news site, with announcements on new releases that you can probably use to inform yourself about gaming CPA offers.

    In many ways, I see my journey into Internet Marketing as the final piece of the puzzle which will create a total freedom for me. I will be financially, intellectually, virtually free in every way with this last leg. I thank you all for your participation.