Game Plan - Will It Work?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by MoreMoneyMoreProblem, Mar 18, 2010.

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    A member of the board here and me have decided to do a joint venture setting up mini niche sites and I have the game plan in my head but I want to know if it will actually work. I have seen some very creative ideas and methods here on the Blogging forum of BHW and now would like to ask some experts...

    First off we have $0 to invest into this project so we are going to get started by building free blogs. Now I want to know which will get indexed faster (Blogger or

    Our goal is 1-2 mini sites a day with 1 300-400 word article on each with adsense on the page to earn revenue. Would this be sufficient to gain small SEO traffic?

    The keywords I am targeting have between 1k - 20k monthly searches a month and the keyword must be available as a subdomain for the free blog host so for example Is this a good idea or should I have dashes between each word?

    The plan is to start earning from these free sites then invest in domains which are complete keyword phrases and get indexed within Google that way... Currently not looking for massive revenue generation with these but maybe $0.25 per day per site with 1 article so in total by the end of the month have 60 sites generating $15 a day. Is this achievable for what I have explained?