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    I've decided to create an authority site about two months ago. Website + forum
    I filled the forum with unique content ~100 words each page(~400 pages)
    So these pages were indexed quickly(~400 pages)
    I'm checking g0gle index everyday and I see that my website is getting deindexed slowly. No I have only 300pages indexed.
    But that's fine, it's only 100words per page, so..

    About 1.5 month ago I started posting articles to the website (~1000 words, unique).
    Now I have about 15 articles and only two of them are indexed!! :/
    Should I be worried??? I dont think its normal (1.5month is more than enough)

    p.s. When I started the website I wanted to promote my website via adwo rds, but they stopped my ads quickly for the reason I cant remember. Health niche - maybe it's sensitive.
    Maybe its related somehow

    I don't wanna waste my time and money before I start backlinking the site which might be flagged for some random reason. I would rather move it other domain

    I've checked WMT and G bot comes to my site everyday, checking 20-100 page, but doesnt want to index my quality articles [​IMG]
    As I said two of them are indexed. Page titles are unique "Page name - Site name". I've put this query in brackets. They are not in search result as well :/
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    Sorry to say but it sounds like something is wrong with your website SEO, if not then why does Google de-index your unique content :10:
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    SocialHammer Team
    "Article name" - is unique, "site name" - isn't.
    Souns like you're know what you're doing, but still... have you made an xml sitemap? Add your site to bing's webmaster panel (it may show some minor issues). Check your robot's txt, htaccess and some seo plugins. And finally, check your site with http://validator.w3.org/