G adwords refound... my story!

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    I use adwords for my wife biz.
    every now and than I use adowords coupons with temp. accounts when done am just cancel the AD and move on.

    last month Google adwords hit my bank account with $50 with adword ID am not recognize.

    so i call google try to find out which account was it, to cancel the account, but google didn't provide any info. about the account even after i give them all the info. they ask (what a surprise..)
    after 3 days of emails back an forward i sent google support email say.. "either you guys give the G account email (i didn't ask for password) or am doing charge-back"

    the girl told me do whatever...

    i call my bank and cancel the transaction.

    today i got letter from the bank say the charge-back is final since G couldn't provide any info.
    they didn't try to fight it...

    it only $50 but fuck it.. if G cant provide basic info then "Scroogel"