Future language learning programs

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Roparadise, Mar 3, 2012.

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    May 25, 2011
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    Do any of you think in the future, a language learning program like Rosetta Stone,could get someone to have a native accent of the language they want to learn?

    Like if they analyzed enough of the people with the native accent,they could figure out the common ways each word is pronounced then, when you speak into the mic, it would compare the % of how close you are to the native pronunciation of the word.

    Currently Rosetta Stone just is able to detect if what you said is able to be picked up as the word, not able to determine how well you pronounced it.
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    May 1, 2011
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    I'm sure as technology progresses it will just keep getting better and better. Maybe this could be something you could try creating as I'm sure it hasn't been done before. :) "The new language learning software that teaches you to speak like a native."
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    Have you tried Rosetta Stone? I haven't had the time to try it but I really want to. I just want to learn the basics for when I go to another country. I think people in other countries truly appreciate it if you at least try to communicate in their language. It shows respect.

    Is it a good program?